Natural Latex Foam Adjustable Pillow

3,999.00 2,499.00

The most luxurious pillow you’ll ever meet. Soft, breathable, and supportive from edge to edge, this pillow adjusts to your unique size and sleep position for restorative sleep.


Pillow Softness : 6/10


  For balanced support & comfort
  perfect foror all sleeping positions
  Premium all natural materials


30 Nights Trial


5 Years Warranty


Easy Returns


WhatsApp Support


Breathable & Cool


Machine Wash

Ready to order, but got questions?

This is the flagship product from Cuddl Pillow built with innovation and features to help you achieve the best sleep.

It is made with premium fabric sourced from European manufacturers and the choicest of natural latex sourced from Kerala.

It gives the perfect support to your neck in any position while sleeping. It doesn’t slip away from under your neck and stays the same for years.

Who should buy this pillow:
– You like a pillow that is not too soft and not too hard.
– You like the feel of premium materials and want the most innovative pillow in the market to help you sleep better.
– You understand that your sleep will improve slowly as you start using this Cuddl pillow and that it doesnt work overnight miracles.”

30 Nights Trial – We are the first pillow company to give you a trial period to test out our pillows.

Why we do this – you will start seeing the benefits of using your Cuddl Pillow slowly over a period of time.

When can you return your pillow – Even after 25 days of using your Cuddl pillow, if you are still unsatisfied, reach out to us and we will initiate a return.

– This pillow comes with a 5 year warranty which is the longest warranty on any pillow in India.
– Your pillow is warrantied not to go flat for a period of upto 5 year from the time of purchase.
– This means the foam inside the pillow will stay fluffy and keep your head supported for this duration.
– The fabric however is subject to wear and tear and might need replacement from time to time.

The main difference is the softness level of the pillow and the type of materials used.

  1. Memory Foam : this is the softest of all with a softness level of 8/10. It lets your head sink as you lie down.
  2. Latex Foam : this offers the perfect support and has a softness level of 6/10. It is good for every type of sleeper.
  3. PU Foam : this is made for people who like firm pillows and has softness level of 3/10. It is made for budget conscious customers also.

Cuddl Pillows are made in Indian standard size to fit most pillow covers.
L x B x H : 27″ x 17″x 6″
We do however compress our pillows and ship them in smaller packages

Humidity fighting knitted tencel blend cover, polyester inner liner, sweatproof tpu lining and all natural shredded latex foam