Natural Latex Foam Adjustable Pillow

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  1. For balanced support & comfort
  2. Perfect for all sleeping positions
  3. Premium all natural materials

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The most luxurious pillow you’ll ever meet. Soft, breathable, and supportive from edge to edge, this pillow adjusts to your unique size and sleep position for restorative sleep.

For balanced support & comfort
Perfect for all sleeping positions
Premium all natural materials

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Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions60 × 32 × 18 cm
Pillow Softness

Medium Soft Pillow

The main difference is the softness level of the pillow and the type of materials used:
1. Memory Foam : this is the softest of all with a softness level of 9/10. It lets your head sink as you lie down.
2. Latex Foam : this offers the perfect support and has a softness level of 7/10. It is good for every type of sleeper.
3. PU Foam : this is made for people who like firm pillows and has softness level of 5/10. It is made for budget conscious customers also.


This pillow comes with a 5 year warranty which is the longest warranty on any pillow in India.
– Your pillow is warrantied not to go flat for a period of upto 5 year from the time of purchase.
– this means the foam inside the pillow will stay fluffy and keep your head supported for this duration.
– The fabric however is subject to wear and tear and might need replacement from time to time.


We are the first indian pillow company to give you a trial period to test out our pillows.

Why we do this –
you will start seeing the benefits of using your cuddl pillow slowly over a periof of time

When can you return your pillow –
We recommend using the pillow atleast for 3 weeks as the benefits will not show in a day or two. If you still feel uncomfortable after that, please reach out to us on whatsapp and we will facilitate a return.

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Coming soon…


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