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One Year Refill Pack

Aromatica is Cuddl’s unique aromatherapy inserts for pillows, cushions, sofas & wardrobes made from all natural ingredients. Our patent pending diffusion technology is the first of its kind in the world, designed to give you a blissful night of sleep and make your living more fragrant.

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Why to use pillow fresheners?

Hectic lifestyles, stress, depression, working unusual schedules and modern diets can all be root causes for disturbed and interrupted sleep. Aromatherapy is medically proven to trigger your body into producing certain hormones that are calming and relaxing to help you fall asleep faster and get deeper restful sleep.


Where can I use Aromatica?

Pillows, Sofas, Cushions, Wardrobes


How long does it last?

Upto 30 Days – Aromatica is designed to last upto 30 days when used inside the covers pillows, cushions & sofas. It makes them and their surroundings smell fresh.

Upto 60 days when used with Cuddl Pillows.


How do I use Aromatica?

Pillows & Cushions: Tear open the plastic cover and insert Aromatica inside the pillow/ cushion cover. In case of using Cuddl Pillow, insert inside the filling for a long lasting effect.

Sofa & Couches: In case your sofa has a removable cover with zipper or velcro, insert Aromatica inside the seating. Else, slip it inside deep crevices that may be present in your couch.

Wardrobes: Hang Aromatica with the band provided inside your wardrobe. You can also stick it with a double sided sticking tape inside the wardrobe.

In case you feel the aroma to be too strong, please cut Aromatica to a desired size and apply inside your pillows & cushions.


Is it safe?

Aromatica is made from all natural materials – cellulose & essential natural oils.

However, direct eye contact and ingestion should be avoided. In case of an allergic reaction, please seek professional medical help immediately.


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